Seeking Radio Shows featuring Local Music

Photo: Allen We are currently seeking radio shows featuring North Central Ohio local music. Yes, we know that the idea of a radio show is dated, so let's define some terms: First and foremost, radio shows on AM/FM radio. Why? Because it's cool. Podcasts! Podcasts are the future. You ... Read more »

Seeking Music Submissions

Image courtesy: tim We are currently seeking music submissions for two possible upcoming projects. If your band either has roots in the North Central Ohio area, or you are a Village Buzz alumni, please read on! Streaming Audio I am currently curating playlist for Beats Music and Spotify. I would ... Read more »

Where are they now? Mark Stepro

Mark Stepro

From the desk of Amanda Boldman For my first interview back in the world of the Village Buzz, I thought it would be fitting to chat with Mark Stepro. I have known Mark for a LONG time (like seriously, I think he was a freshman in highschool when we met ... Read more »

Marshman and Latino Heat - Show 3

Some Background Originally aired September 2001. We had Robin Stone in as a live studio guest. Download the show -Big Head Todd and the Monsters - Broken Hearted Savior - Nazareth - Woke up this Morning MMLH - Rock Alley. Robin Stone in the studio Todd Snider - Moondog’s ... Read more »

Marshman and Latino Heat - Show 2

Some Background Download the show Some Background This was the second show, and while we had a few technical difficulties (shix was hard!) we managed to pull off our second show. This show features a mix of national acts, as well has local acts. Our futures shows will be much ... Read more »

Marshman and Latino Heat - Show 1

Some Background Download the show In 2001, Marshall and I were invited to host a radio show on WRDL featuring local music. Luckily, Marshall recorded these directly off the FM airwaves. This is the innagural show. We will be posting shows on a weekly basis. Playlist Alexis Antes - Out ... Read more »