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About A Song - Episode 3 - Annette Helton

This week, we bring you the beginning of a new interview series for "About a Song," called "Artist Edition." We aim to bring not only performing artists, but other artists who have spent their decades dilligently perfecting their craft. Our first guest is Annette Helton member of the Original Vandallas...

"About a Song" - Podcast Episode 2 - Power Pop

This week, we discuss: The genre of power pop, and what it entails. We introduce Linwood and the way the recorded their album. Play the song 'Pixels'. Good headphones, and why you should buy them. I use Grados at home. We discuss a show on Sergio’s birthday, shots lined...

Mark Brennan of Martini Affair

This month's interview (yes, I know we're behind a bit on the monthly interview thing but it's summer!) features another drummer named Mark. We promise, next month will be a guitar player! This Mark has mastered the local music scene for the past several years and is an all around...

"About a Song" - Podcast Episode 1

Intro music - “Face Down” - Dave Hill and Uptown Sinclair Background intro - We discuss Sergio’s skill set Vinyl Giveaway - We give vinyl away every week. We discuss first song, “Never Let me go” by Adryelle How we perceive recorded material from our past Sergio’s 10th...

Marshman and Latino Heat - Show 5

This is Show 5 of Marshman and the Latino Heat. Recorded off the air on WRDL FM 88.9, sometime in the very early 2000's. My (Sergio/The Latino Heat) microphone was dead for the first few segments, but we fixed it quickly. Enjoy! Download the show Playlist is as...

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